Cadifos 32 ®

Cadifos 32® is an additive with special characteristics based mainly on tricalcium phosphate for the calcium enrichment of milk. It is an inert product with a micro-fine grain size that does not influence the stability of the milk and is not detected by the senses when drinking it.
With microfine granulometry, it combines soluble and insoluble calcium phosphate salts that are integrated into the balance of calcium salts in milk. The particle size of less than 10 microns for the insoluble fraction prevents its perception by the taste buds. Although a part of the tricalcium phosphate present in the product is insoluble in water, its bioavailability is ensured by completely dissolving in the acidic stomach environment.
Calcium enrichment is of great interest given the needs of our body with this mineral. Calcium helps muscles, nerves and cells to function properly and above all to maintain healthy bones, these being the main storage of calcium in the body.
Thanks to Cadifos 32 ® you can make your milk a much more nutritious and healthy food by providing it with extra calcium without altering its original properties.

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They are presented in 25 kg bags with an inner polyethylene bag and a double outer layer of paper. Labeling in accordance with the legislation (Community Regulation 1169/2011) with identifying batch, date of manufacture and preferred consumption.