We have installed a filly equipped laboratory in order to carry out correct quality controls. It is here that we carry out a series of assessment and measurement procedures on the most important parameters for each substance. Particularly worthy of mention is the use of an atomic absorption spectrophotometer and a further two spectrophotometers (one for infrared and another for visible ultraviolet light) which enable us to carry out the highly accurate qualitative and quantitative analyses of a large number of substance. Apart from this equipment, we also have a complete set of apparatus and reagents which provide the solutions to a whole range of analytical problems. The quality control systems allow us to establish analytical limits for the most characteristic parameters of each product.

The acceptance of raw material and the dispatch of goods forms our company implies that the values observed fall within the established margins. In the case of any existing legislation regulating a product, our restrictions are equal or even tighter than those established by law.

Our laboratory heightens our potential in the fields of research and development, and allows us to carry out controlled experimental trials. The creation of new products and improvements to existing ones help us to meet our clients’ needs and requirements, as we seek to offer satisfactory solutions for each specific case.

Our team of professionals will be delighted to deal with your queries and suggestions. A sense of mutual understanding is vital at all levels in our dealings with our clients, thereby enabling us to create an atmosphere of mutual benefit.