RioBech ®

Riobech® is a powdered preparation for making bechamel or white sauce at room temperature, and it can be flavored or seasoned accordingly too. Widely used to make croquettes, due to its texture and creaminess. The final result is very tasty.

Other recipes where you can find Riobech® are lasagna, cannelloni, pasta or any others elaborated with bechamel or white sauce.

Use your imagination to create fabulous recipes with Riobech®, such as potatoes with Riobech®, stuffed eggs with Riobech®, baked cauliflower with Riobech® …

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They are presented in bags of 10 to 20 kg with an inner polyethylene bag and a double layer of outer paper, heat-sealed and sewn. Labeling in accordance with the legislation (Community Regulation 1169/2011) with identifying batch, date of manufacture and preferred consumption.