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Freeze drying is a technique used for decades to preserve perishable food while preserving its flavor and aroma to the maximum. This technique has been used regularly for coffee but is being used more and more in other types of food, such as fruits.

Freeze drying is a process that allows you to extract all the moisture from a food, preserving its flavor to the maximum. It consists of freezing the food at a very low temperature (temperatures below 50 degrees below zero) and once in that state, the pressure is dropped sharply and heat is supplied, achieving the sublimation of the water, that is, passing from ice to steam, without going through a liquid state. The fruit retains an appearance similar to its natural state, but it is completely free of water, meaning that it is light and crisp.

Freeze-drying preserves and lengthens the life of the food since, in the absence of water, microorganisms cannot proliferate. Instead, it is essential to keep the lyophilized product in a sealed environment, preferably under vacuum to avoid rehydration.

It is possible to vitally freeze-dry any vegetable, from coffee, vegetables or fruits with strawberry, banana, raspberry, pineapple, fig, apple, etc …

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