Quality Department

In order to carry out an adequate quality control for our production, we have installed a complete laboratory, where we carry out multiple measurements of the most relevant parameters for each substance. At this point, it is worth mentioning the atomic absorption spectrometer for the measurement of heavy metals and two spectrophotometers (one infrared band and the other ultraviolet-visible) that allow us to carry out qualitative and quantitative analyzes of a large number of substances with a high degree of reliability. .

To this instrument we must add a whole series of devices and reagents with which we solve a multitude of analytical problems. Through quality control, we establish analytical limits on the most characteristic parameters for each product.


For the acceptance of raw materials and the exit of merchandise from our company, it is required that the observed values ​​fall within the established margins. If there is legislation that affects any product, our limitation is equal to or more restrictive than the legally established one.

With our laboratory we increase our potential in the fields of research and development, carrying out controlled experimental tests. The creation of new products and the improvement of existing ones, allows us to meet the needs of our customers, seeking satisfactory solutions for each specific case.

Our team of professionals will gladly answer your questions and suggestions. Understanding must prevail at all times in the relationship with our clients, thus achieving a mutually beneficial situation.