Due to the important changes that are taking place in the socioeconomic environment that surrounds us, it is necessary to adapt the productive systems to market demands. From our company, we are firmly committed to keeping one step ahead of events and to develop an approach more in keeping with present and future requirements of the market, thus achieving an advantageous position in an increasingly competitive sector. We hold the firm belief that quality is an indispensable factor in the production processes of any company that aims to satisfy the demands of a highly demanding market. The objective of our efforts is the elaboration of top quality products designed for specific purposes within the legally established framework. In line with this idea, Rio Blanco has made a firm commitment to the modernization of its facilities, investing in leading technology in the areas of production and quality control.

The adoption of dynamic production models, offering consumers products which meet their needs in the shortest possible time, is one of the short-term objectives we have established at Río Blanco. For this purpose, work structures have been reorganized to achieve a more efficient use of available technical and human resources. These changes have been accompanied by considerable investment in extending existing facilities and purchasing specific machinery and equipment.