Icegel® means a revolution in the world of ice cream. Through the perfect union of suitable emulsifiers and stabilizers, and raw materials selected according to the highest standards of quality, we get the excellence in production controls and final product.

We focus always on versatility and flexibility while developing new products. We have the capacity to adapt to the specific requests of each costumer thanks to a great infrastructure in our laboratory and our pilot plant. Our ongoing and daily search of new innovative products in food is our reason for being and we will continue to innovate with products like Icegel®.

Icegel® is a registered trademark of the company Rio Blanco SL, whose main activity is the development of products for the food industry. Our company is characterized by continuous investment in R&D to create unique solutions that translate into finished products appreciated by customers and consumers. Our guarantee is the experience in designing customized formulations that solve specific problems within the versatile and innovative food industry.

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