Milk is a highly complex physical and chemical emulsion used by female mammals to feed their young. Milk and dairy products are vital in feeding the world’s population, due to their immense nutritional value. Full knowledge and understanding of its properties are extremely important when handling or transforming this major source of nutrition. Most milk-based products are consumed a long time and distance from the place where the milk was obtained, thanks to the chemical and physical treatments systematically applied by the modern diary industry. Constant advances in technology help to perfect milk transformation processes and provide consumers with a wide range of products.

When treating milk and dairy products, food additives act as substances necessary to counteract certain negative effects and to obtain the desired technological reactions and behavior.

Rio Blanco’s range of products for the dairy industry is based on their ability to regulate the pH value and provide an electrical charge which helps to accumulate the active material present. The interaction between additives, calcium and milky proteins is of vital importance in order to obtain the desired technological results.

Milk is a highly complex emulsion in which slight alterations to its physical and chemical characteristics result in especially starling results. The use of food additives provides intentional technological responses by adding substances with clearly defined functions and purposes.

Rio Blanco offers the dairy industry a wide and varied range of stabilizers.






It is employed in the cheese in portions manufacture in order to replace dairy proteins or natural cheese to provide a smooth and light spreading.



Product specially developed as Cheese. Designed as cheese in the food industry for pizzas, lasagne, sandwich, cordon bleu, etc. Mainly to melt by heat action.



It generates a stabilizing effect on UHT milk by preventing the formation of calcium precipitates and creating a stable casein-calcium-phosphate complex.



It generates a stabilizing effect on UHT milk by preventing the formation of calcium precipitates and creating a stable casein-calcium-phosphate complex.



Homogeneous blend of food phosphates special for the treatment of UHT milk. It produces a stabilizing effect on milks that are subjected to high temperatures. It prevents the precipitation of calcium salts and the coagulation of proteins. It does not modify the viscosity or opacity of the milk.


Special additive for the treatment of cream. The active material of the product is concentrated in thin sheets in the cream of the milk, stabilizing the foam and the pH. It confers to the caseins a greater hydration and an increase of the viscosity. Reduces the effect of syneresis.



Special additive for the treatment of creams that undergone a UHT heat treatment. With this treatment, the commercial life of the product is significantly increased.



Additive with special characteristics for milk calcium enrichment. Inert product with a microfine grain size that does not influence the stability of milk and is not detected by the senses when ingesting milk.



Additive specially developed for the stabilization of liquid cheese for food industries. Good solubility of proteins.



Mixture of special melting salts for melted cheeses to spread or cut. They provide an ideal pH (5.6-5.7) favorable to the maintenance of the fat emulsion in the paste.



Additive for the stabilization of cheese in bar or in slices of elastic consistency