Adifos 75 ®

Adifos 75® is a stabilizer for the production of UHT milk, sterilized milk and condensed milk. Its composition is a homogeneous mixture of special food phosphates for the treatment of the aforementioned products, it has a neutralizing effect of acidity up to complex reactions with milk proteins, passing through the sequestering and modifying effect of the electrical environment, it protects the milk during the sterilization process. With sterilization, it is possible to control the microbiological and enzymatic activity in long-term milk, but it tends to cause a series of anomalies that must be corrected. The stabilizing function of Adifos 75 ® acts on the casein-calcium-phosphate system and manages to restore the natural balance of the milk.

Their functions are:

> Protects proteins from flocculation or coagulation during heating.

> Produces a stabilizing effect in milk subjected to high temperatures.

> Prevents the precipitation of calcium salts and protein coagulation.

> Does not modify the viscosity or opacity of the milk.

> The dosage depends on the final product, it can vary between 0.02 and 01 calculated on the final product.

Other relevant information


They are presented in 25 kg bags with an inner polyethylene bag and a double outer layer of paper. Labeling in accordance with the legislation (Community Regulation 1169/2011) with identifying batch, manufacturing dates and preferred consumption.